The Prague Story

Prague, April 2001, Charles Bridge

It all started in Prague!

Prague and Rome are the 2 most beautiful cities in Europe. Who dare to disagree with that? At that is also why we visited those cities already several times. April 2001 was probably the second time that we were in Prague but it was that visit that changed our live. So be careful when visiting Prague! Never take your partner to Charles Bridge. Here is what happened to me:

Charles Bridge (Karlov Most) is probably the most touristy place in Prague. The bridge connects the Old Town with Lesser Town. Especially during summertime it is filled with street-painters, street-vendors, musicians and of course ....many tourists.

The construction of the 502 m long bridge was started in 1357 by Charles IV and although the bridge currently counts 30 sculptures it took up to 1683 before the first sculpture, the statue of John of Nepomuk, was placed. And this story is all about this statue of John of Nepomuk. There is a plaque fixed to the statue depicting the story of 20 March 1393, whereby John of Nepomuk, tied by his hands and feet, was thrown off the bridge into the river as instructed by the king. Well, you can find the whole story on the internet, but touching the statue is a Prague ritual. It is supposed to bring good luck and to ensure that you return to Prague soon.

So, my wife did the same thing as so many other tourists, she touched the plate, made a wish and I took a picture.

Later in the evening, when having diner in one of the so many cozy restaurants in the Old Town, I was thinking back on that moment and realized that my wife actually didn't told me the wish she had made, so I asked her 'What was your wish'.

With a big smile on her face, she told her wish and I, .........I went like: Oh my God! Please no, don't do this to me!

Heusden-Zolder, Augustus 2001, at home

In August 2001, just 4 months after our visit to Prague, our first Pug dog arrived! Yes, the wish my wife made on Charles Bridge while touching the plate on the statue of John of Nepomuk came true.

I realized that life would never be the same anymore as before.


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Edgard Vangeel, October 2005


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