Marla (El Jalisco's Marla)

Titles: Luxembourg Youth Champion 2008, German Champion (Club), German VDH Champion, Belgian Champion

El Jalisco's Marla


Ch. Patsgang Lord Eastonite

Migang Carlby for Patsgang

Ch. Jansclan dark Crusader per Pugini

Eastonite dark Damsel at Migang

Northside Selene via Kuseley

Clemee spring Warrior

Northside Saphira

El Jalisco`s Ferelith

Ch. El Jalisco`s Demetrius

Pugnus Per Se

Pollewop von Ulmer Haus

Ch. El Jalisco`s Blossom

Pugnus Per Se

Elzagar Esmeralda Pokoryayuchaya

Show Results Marla







BPDC Clubmatch (B)

Mrs. Kirk C. (UK)

Baby Class: 1 VP - Best Baby


Brussel (B)

Mrs. S. Tompousky (F)

Baby Class: 1 VP - Best Baby


Weyerbush (D)

Mrs. Irene Hess (D)

Puppy Class: Best Puppy Bitch


Weyerbush (D)

Mr. Hens Bruse (D)

Puppy Class: Best Puppy Bitch


Hoogstraten (B)

Mrs. Heidi Kirschbichler (A)

Youth Class: 2 Ex


Castrop-Rauxel (D)

Mrs. Johanna Billhardt (D)

Youth Class: Youth CAC


Rheinberg (D)

Mrs. Lilian Haniiste (Est)

Youth Class: VG

8/3/2008 Recklinghausen (D) Mrs. Karin Bernardis (A) Youth Class: 3 Ex
9/3/2008 Recklinghausen (D) Mr. Istvan Csik (H) Youth Class: Ex
30/3/2008 Luxembourg (L) Mr. Roosenboom (B) Youth Class: 1 Ex - Luxembourg Youth Champion
13/4/2008 Antwerp (B) Mrs. A.M. Pogessi (I) Youth Class: 2 Ex
20/4/2008 BPDC Clubmatch (B) Mr. Terry Purse (UK) Youth Class: 1 Ex - Best Youth Bitch
26/4/2008 Genk (B) - Ambiorix Troffee Mr. Roosenboom (B) Youth Clas: 1 Ex - Beste Jeugd, Ambiorix Jeugd Winner
10/8/2008 Etzbach (DE) Mrs. Martha Heine (D) Intermediate Class: 1 Ex, Res CAC, VDH-ChA
23/8/2008 Mechelen (B) Mr. Selimovic Igor (HR) Intermediate Class: 1 Ex
6/9/2008 Luxemburg (L) Mrs. Hassi Assenmacher (D) Intermediate Class: 1 Ex, CAC
11/10/2008 Charleroi (B) Mr. Laurent Heinesche (L) Intermediate Class: 1 Ex, CAC/CACIB
19/10/2008 Dortmund (D) Mr. Sean Delmar (IRL) Intermediate Class: 2 Ex, ResCAC
15/11/2008 Kortrijk (B) Mrs. Liz Cartledge (UK) Intermediate Class: Ex, CAC/CACIB, Eurocup 2008!
23/11/2008 Olpe (D) Mrs. Johanna Billhardt (D) Intermediaite Class: 1 Ex, CAC, VDH CAC, BOB!
6/12/2008 Kassel (D) (Nat.) Mr. Walter Holtorf (D) Intermediate Class: 1 Ex, CAC, VDH CAC
7/12/2008 Kassel (D) (Int.) Mr. Bertold Peterburs (D) Open Class: 2Ex, ResCAC, Res VDHCAC
13/12/2008 Langerwehe (D) Mrs. Maria Walter (D) Open Class: 1Ex, CAC, VDHCAC, Best Bitch, BOB
14/12/2008 Genk (B) Mr. Rotner Rajko (SL) Open Class: 1Ex
23/8/2009 Mechelen (B) Mrs. Martha Heine (D) Open Class: 4 Ex
30/8/2009 Etzbach (D) Mrs. Ehold (A) Open Class: 1 Ex, VDH CAC, Club CAC
5/9/2009 Luxemburg (L) Mrs. Paola Micara-Watten  (IT) Open Class: Ex
27/9/2009 Leverkusen - Clubschau DMC (D) Mrs. Hassi Assenmacher (D) Champions Class: 1 Ex, CAC, VDH CAC
4/10/2009 Charleroi (B) Mrs. Pagani Sonia (I) Champions Class: 1 Ex, CAC/CACIB

16/10/2009 Dortmund (D) Nationale Ausstellung Mr. Michael Forte (IRL) Champions Class: 1 Ex, CAC/VDH CAC

24/10/2009 Leuven (B) - Lovaniumtrofee Mr. Patrick Buysse (B) Champions Class: 1 Ex, CAC, CACIB

14/11/2009 Kortrijk (B) - Eurodogshow Mrs. Renee Sporre - Willes (SE) Champions Class: 1 Ex

10/5/2010 Dortmund (D) Mr. Eike Herold (UK) Champions Class: 2 Ex, ResCAC, Res VDHCAC
Marla - History

On Christmas day 2006, Mr. Ferdi Dickmann (El Jalisco's), a famous breeder of Pug dogs in Germany, got a rather unusual Christmas gift. His Tweety (El Jalisco's Ferelith) gave birth to a beautiful nest of 6 puppies (3 males and 3 females).

We visited Mr. Dickmann (and his new born puppies) by the end of January 2007 and after we met with the puppies Mr. Dickmann told us he would entrust a female puppy to us. And yes, our conclusion was made, one of them should come to us.

On Friday, March 2nd 2007, El Jalisco's Marla moved from Weyerbusch (DE) to the 'Charles Bridge Farm' te Heusden-Zolder (BE). At that moment she was 9 weeks old.

Marla's father is Patsgang Lord Eastonite. His list of titles is very impressive. He became Cruftswinner 2006 in Birmingham (UK), Jahrhundertsieger 2006 in Dortmund (DE), VDH Europasiger 2004 (DE), Belgian Champion, BPDC Clubmatch winner 2006 (BE), etc...

Marla adapted to her new home very fast and as expected, getting acquainted with the other pugs went without any problems. Flavio has now an excellent playmate but also Samanta, Lobke and Sloeber get along with Marla very well.

Sloeber doesn't get stressed anymore with this, he has seen this before, one pug more in the house certainly will not keep him awake from his afternoon nap.

As with all Pugs, Marla prefers to lay with others in the same basket. On this picture you can see that she is laying on top of Lobke and Sloeber. For more pictures of Marla, select 'Pictures' in the left frame of this screen.


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