Anais (Anais von der Erftquelle)

Titles: International Champion, German Champion Club, German Champion VDH, Belgian Champion


Anais von der Erftquelle


Snugglepug Tears To Cheers At Blazolyns

Eastonite Arnold Snugglepug

Migang Carlby For Patsgang

Eastonite Black Precious

Snugglepug Hazelnut

Snugglepug Double Trouble

Snugglepug Tiger-Lily

El Jalisco`s Jolanda

Patsgang Sir Eastonite

Migang Carlby For Patsgang

Northside Selene via Kuseley

El Jalisco`s Ena

Funny Face International Affairs

El Jalisco's Bewitch


Show Results Anais







30/3/2008 Luxembourg (L) Mr. Roosenboom (B) Puppy Class: 1 VP
20/4/2008 BPDC Clubmatch (B) Mr. Terry Purse (UK) Puppy Class: 2 VP
26/4/2008 Genk (B) - Ambiorix Trofee Mr. Roosenboom (B) Puppy Class: 1 VP, Best Puppy, Ambiorix Puppy Winner, 3rd best puppy in show!

3/5/2008 Dortmund (DE) Mr. Peter Schindler (D) Puppy Class: 1 VP, Best Puppy
10/8/2008 Etzbach (DE) Mrs. Martha Heine (D) Youth Class: 1 Ex, Youth CAC
23/8/2008 Mechelen (B) Mr. Selimovic Igor (HR) Youth Class: 1 Ex, Best Youth
6/9/2008 Luxemburg (L) Mrs. Hassi Assenmacher (D) Youth Class: 2 Ex
11/10/2008 Charleroi (B) Mr. Laurent Heinesche (L) Youth Class: 1 Ex, Best Youth, BOB
19/10/2008 Dortmund (D) Mr. Sean Delmar (IRL) Youth Class: 1 Ex, Youth CAC, Bundesjugendsieger
15/11/2008 Kortrijk (B) Mevr. Liz Cartledge (UK) Youth Class: Ex, Best Youth Bitch, Deb's Cup 2008!
23/11/2008 Olpe (D) Mrs. Johanna Billhardt (D) Youth Class: 1Ex, JeugdCAC, Beste Jeugd!
6/12/2008 Kassel (D) (Nat.) Mr. Walter Holtorf (D) Youth Class: 3Ex
7/12/2008 Kassel (D) (Int.) Mr. Bertold Peterburs (D) Youth Class: 1Ex, VDH JeugdCAC
13/12/2008 Langerwehe (D) Mrs. Maria Walter (D) Intermediate Class 1Ex, CAC, VDHCAC
14/12/2008 Genk (B) Mr. Rotner Rajko (SL) Intermediate Class 1Ex
25/1/2009 Moeskroen (B) Mr. Van Raamsdonk (NL) Intermediate Class: 1Ex
5/4/2009 Antwerp (B) Mr. Laurent Heinesche (L) Intermediate Class: 1 Ex, ResCAC / ResCACIB
26/4/2009 Genk (B) Mrs. Degryze D. (B) Intermediate Class: 1 U, CAC, BOB, Ambiorix Winner!
3/5/2009 Dortmund (D) Mr. Stefan Sinko (Sl) Intermediate Class: 1 U, VDH CAC, CACIB!
24/5/2009 BPDC Clubmatch (B) Mrs. Adèle Nicholson (UK) Intermediate Class: 1 Ex
5/7/2009 Echt (NL) Mr. Dirk Spruyt (B) Intermediate Class: 1Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB
23/8/2009 Mechelen (B) Mrs. Martha Heine (D) Open Class: 1 Ex, CAC, CACIB, BOB
30/8/2009 Etzbach (D)  Mrs. Ehold (A) Intermediatr Clas: 1 Ex, VDH CAC, Club CAC, BOB, 3rd Best in Show
5/9/2009 Luxemburg (L) Mrs. Paola Micara-Watten  (IT) Open Class: Ex
20/9/2009 Dülmen-Merfeld (D) Mrs. Carola Garhofer  (A) Open Class: 1Ex, CAC, VDH CAC
27/9/2009 Leverkusen - Clubschau DMC (D) Mrs. Hassi Assenmacher (D) Open Class: 1Ex, CAC, VDH CAC
4/10/2009 Charleroi (B) Mrs. Pagani Sonia (I) Open Class: 4Ex


16/10/2009 Dortmund (D) Bundessieger Ausstellung Mr. Ferdi Dickmann (D) Open Class: 3Ex

17/10/2009 Dortmund (D) Nationale Ausstellung Mr. Michael Forte (IRL) Open Class: 2Ex, ResCAC, ResVDH CAC

24/10/2009 Leuven (B) - Lovaniumtrofee Mr. Patrick Buysse (B) Open Class: 1Ex, ResCAC, ResCACIB

14/11/2009 Kortrijk (B) - Eurodogshow Mrs. Renee Sporre - Willes (SE) Open Class: 1Ex, CAC, CACIB

30/1/2010 Castrop-Rauxel (D) Mr. Ferdi Dickmann (D) Open Class: 2Ex, ResCAC

27/3/2010 Schwerte (D) Mr. Istvan Csik (D) Open Class: 1Ex, CAC, VDH CAC

28/3/2010 Leverkusen (D) Mr. Jürgen Rösner (D) Open Class: 2 Ex, ResCAC, ResVDH CAC

2/5/2010 Antwerp (B) Mrs. R. Kazlauskalté (LT) Champions Class: 1 Ex, CAC, CACIB, Brabo Winner

10/5/2010 Dortmund (D) Mr. Eike Herold (UK) Open Class: 2 Ex, ResCAC, ResVDHCAC

23/5/2010 Saarbrucken (D) Mrs. L. Reinelt-Gebauer (D) Champions Class: 1 Ex, CAC, VDHCAC

4/7/2010 Genk (B) Mrs. L. Rita Reyniers (B) Champions Class: 1 Ex
15/10/2010 Dortmund (D) Bundessieger Mr. J. van den Berg (NL) Champions Class: 2 U, ResCAC, ResVDHCAC
30/10/2010 Leuven (B) - Lovaniumtrofee Mr. Dirk Spruyt (B) Champions Class: 1 U, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Anais - History  

On 16 August 2007, our long expected first litter with Samanta was born. And as every breeder, we hoped for at least one bitch puppy and indeed, Samanta gave birth to 3 beautiful pug puppies, 2 dogs and one bitch.  Unfortunately our only female puppy, that we obviously planned to keep for ourselves, died already the second day.

So we considered buying another bitch puppy and this decision was quickly made from the moment we were made aware that Manuela & Herman Josef Gerhards (von der Erftquelle) had recently a litter from which still one bitch puppy was available. We brought Manuela and Herman Josef a visit for the usual screening and on Sunday 25th of November 2007, Anais von der Erftquelle arrived at the Charles Bridge Farm. Anais is the daughter of El Jalisco's Jolanda and Snugglepug Tears To Cheers At Blazolynns. Anais quickly became Marla's playmate at the Charles Bridge Farm. Among the 6 pugs we currently have, these two or 'the' trouble makers.

Anyway, Anais' first show is scheduled for end of March in Luxembourg. We are are curious for her first results.

For more pictures of Anais, select 'pictures' in the left frame of this page.

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