Our Household Dogs!

Our story starts early August 2001 when we were considering to acquire a small household dog. At that moment we certainly had no plans to have a second one, or to participate shows, to have a nest of our own or to have our own kennel name.


Sloeber was our first Pug dog. We bought him in a local Pet shop in August 2001. The choice for a Pug dog was made after thoughtfully having considered all the different breeds that could match our expectations and that could fit in our way of living. We never did that with any of our previous dogs that we had, but we should have done it. We can strongly recommend such a careful consideration to anyone that is considering bying a new dog. Too many dogs end up in a home for lost animals because people decided too quickly to have a dog e.g. as a birthday present for their kids, without realizing what it means having a dog 24 hours/day 7 days/week in your house.

This was certainly not the case at our home. Sloeber was soon coddled by everyone of the family. He got so much attention from everyone that being with us was probably like being in paradise for him, at least compared to situation he must have been in before he arrived at that Pet shop. This as the internet is full of sad stories on how these Pet shops acquire their dogs.

Sloeber was and still is a lovely dog. He doesn't ask for anything, he just gives lot's of friendship for free. In house he is extremely quiet, he actually sleeps half of the time.

But Sloeber was also our source of anxiety. He is almost 6 years now but got already several serious operations. When he was just over 1 year old, the ball of one of his hips was removed because he was suffering from hip artrosis. About a year later he was operated because of Luxating patella on his right hind-leg. And just recently he was operated again for Luxating patella now on his left hind-leg.

Although Sloeber has no pedigree, he was, he is and he will always remain our big hero, the dog that changed our live, the subject of the wish my wife made on Charles Bridge in Prague when touching the plate on the statue of John of Nepomuk during a visit early 2001.

I believe, and I keep telling people this, that Sloeber deserved his own statue in our garden. However it is still far too early for that, we hope he can still stay for many years with us.

See his picture on the right. Doesn't he look a little bit sad? Exactly, but we did something on that. Our answer to his sometimes said look was ... Lobke!

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There is a saying that for people that got a first Pug dog, most of them will end up with a second one very soon after their first one. The same happened to us. With Sloeber we learned a lot about Pug dogs. At least we thought we learned a lot as we assumed that all Pug dogs would be as quiet, easy, calm as our Sloeber. Now, that was the biggest mistake we made!

Anyway, Sloeber was a marvelous dog of a fantastic breed and as such by the end of 2003 we start looking for a second pug, a playmate for Sloeber. And this one should have a pedigree as we didn't want to ever buy a dog again in Pet shop. So Francine, my wife, searched the internet to see where in Belgium a nest of Pug puppies was announced. 

Lobke (Lobke van de Blauwe Heuvel)

And yes, she found a breeder, Mrs. Van Puyvelde, who was expecting a nest of puppies within a few weeks.  But unfortunately, once the puppies were born, they all had something too much, in other words, they were all male puppies! What a disappointment! And what to do now?

It looked like finding soon a new female puppy in Belgium was not an option anymore, hence why we now started searching in the Netherlands. Through the website of Comedia we found a breeder in Odiliapeel (Uden) who had very recently a nest of puppies. An appointment was made and a few weeks later, when the puppies were 4 weeks old, we brought a first visit to the breeder and his pug puppies.  From the two female puppies, we selected the bigger one and called her later Lobke!

Lobke came with us in April 2004, she was between 7 and 8 weeks old. But we could not believe that she was of the same breed as our Sloeber. She was so different! No wonder that the breeder called them Piranjas in stead of Pugs!

She was so full of energy, she was asking for attention all the time. Really having 5 dogs like Sloeber would have been much easier than just one Lobke! But don't worry, Lobke is just different, that is all. She is also a very lovely dog, very attached but playful and a dog with a character.  Taking her out for an relaxing walk was almost impossible. She ran after anything that moved, bicycles, cars, scooters, it all looked so interesting to her.

Slowly the idea came to take her to an obedience training school. Afterwards that decision had proven to be a good one and in addition, she did like going to those trainings. The day that she had to do her test to be allowed to the next class, she was the only of her group that passed the tests and this even with a score of 95%.

As expected, Lobke became the playmate of Sloeber. Playing with Sloeber, running behind the cats, jumping from our terrace and taking 3 stairs in once, that is our Lobke.  In the mean time, Lobke is almost 3 years old and she really has changed a lot. She became a calm and very devoted pug.

For more pictures of Lobke, select 'pictures' in the left frame of this page.

.... but Pugs are like chocolate, you can never have enough of it. So ...... we started looking for number 3!

See below for the next episode in our story.


During the summer of 2005, Mrs. Ingrid Mylemans, president of the Belgian Pug Dog Club (BPDC), brought us in contact with a famous breeder of Pug dogs in Germany.

At the moment we called him for the first time, this breeder had a bitch which was pregnant so a few days later we already brought him a first visit. A few weeks later, on September 25th 2005, his bitch gave birth to a nest of 5 beautiful puppies . As there was only one female puppy in that nest, you can understand that we were very pleased to be considered by the breeder as candidate new owner for Getje, which was the name we gave her.

The first pictures of Getje were taken when she was only 5 days old.

About 3 weeks later we visited her again but on December 3, 2005 she finally came with us to join Lobke and Sloeber.


Lobke's reaction was a surprise. She immediately took good care of Getje. It must have been her mother instinct that was driving her this way.

After a few weeks, Getje had grown up to a full-time playmate for Sloeber and Lobke. It became summer time and nothing seemed to be more pleasant as to play around in the garden the three of them.

It was the objective to have our first next with Getje however, Mother Nature decided differently. She was only 10 months old when we had her sterilized. But of course she didn't change because of that, she was still the lovely and very attached dog that we loved a lot.

Today, Getje is no longer with us, but don't worry, although we still miss her, Getje is in good hands!

By the end of 2006, we were called by friends who were looking for a small household dog for an older lady. This lady, from German origin but living in Zeeland (NL) just across the border with the Netherlands, had lost her household dog just 3 weeks before. Because she is living alone (her kids work and live in Germany), her dog was about everything for her. And as such, the passing away of her little dog meant a great loss for her.  Until that moment we never had considered replacement of any of our pugs. But this was such a said story and a new home where Getje would get all the attention certainly would be good for her.  So we started considering replacing Getje.  We got in contact with this lady and we also contacted other people to get as much as possible information about this lady and her situation. We wanted to be 100 % sure that she could offer Getje the perfect home.

On a Saturday morning, we drove to Zeeland to visit the lady and we had Getje with us. Once we met with this lady at her home, we were convinced that this lady could offer Getje a good home, so we decided to leave her there. What a difficult decision! Getje was about a year with us and leaving her behind did hurt a lot. But we have to be honest, we have several Pugs and have the share our attention and care amongst all of them. Getje is now at a place where she is the only dog and as such she gets all the attention of her new owner. Although we still miss here!

Getje, we wish you all the best, and if needed, your basket is still here, you are always welcome to come back!


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