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9 June 2014 - Saarbrucken (D) 

8 June 2014: The 'Internationale Rassehunde Ausstellung Saarbrucken 2014' takes place.  Charles Bridge Farm Magali becomes Best Bitch Puppy.


11 May 2013 - Dortmund (D)

11 May 2013: The 'VDH International Ausstellung 2013' takes place in Dortmund in Germany. Charles Bridge Farm Katharina becomes CAC/VDHCAC and ResCACIB.


20 January 2013 - Reichshof (D)

20 January 2013: The 'Gemeinschaftsschau NRW 2013' takes place in Reichshof -Wildbergerhütte in Germany. Charles Bridge Farm Katharina becomes CAC/VDHCAC and BOS (Best of Sex). El Jalisco's Vilem becomes also the CAC/VDHCAC and becomes also BOB.


27 January 2013 - Castrop-Rauxel (D)


29 September 2012 - Recklinghausen (D)



1 April 2012 - Weyerbusch (D)


April 1, 2012: The 'Gemeinschaftszuchtschau Nordrhein-Westfalen 2012' takes place in Weyerbusch (D). Charles Bridge Farm Katharina is for the first time registered for the Youth Class. And it seems to be a good start. She obtains the YouthCAC and becomes also Best of Sex (females). The way she placed herself as shown on the picture above reminds us on her half-sister Iluna and mother Marla.

14 February 2012 - Charles Bridge Farm Iluna's first litter is born!

14 February 2012, Iluna's first litter is born! 2 males (155 g / 201 g) and 3 bitches (148 g / 159 g / 175 g). The picture above is taken on day 9. Their weight was almost doubled on that day. After 3 weeks, one of the male puppies is reaching a weight of 1 Kg!! In other words, they are doing extremely well. Also mother Iluna is doing very well and behaves as an excellent and dedicated mother. The day before the puppies were born, she was still jumping in and out the sofa! 

Iluna is Belgian, German and International Champion. El Jalisco's Vilem, German Youth Champion, is the father of the puppies. 


29 October 2011 - Leuven - Lovaniumtrofee

The 22nd 'Lovaniumtrofee' takes place on 29 and 30 October 2011 in Leuven (B). Charles Bridge Farm Iluna wins her last Belgian CAC title and is now Belgian Champion. She wins also the ResCACIB title. Charles Bridge Farm Katharina receives a 1VP in the Baby Class.


16 October 2011 - Dortmund - Bundessieger Ausstellung 2011

The annual 'Bundessieger- & Nationale Ausstelling' of Dortmund takes in the weekend from 14 to 16 October 2011. More than 8000 dogs (245 different breeds) from 33 different countries have registered. For de Pugs, The 'Bundessieger Ausstellung' for the Pugs takes place on Sunday 16 October.

Charles Bridge Farm Iluna becomes Bundessieger 2011 (CAC, VDH CAC en CACIB) and also becomes BOB (Best Of Breed). This is an excellent result for German's biggest dogshow! In addition, this was for Iluna her 4th BOB title in a row and her 11th BOB title overall on a CAC or CACIB show!!


18 September 2011 - Oer-Erkenschwick (DE) - 'Jubiläums- und Clubsiegerausstellung 2011 des Deutscher Mopsclub (DMC)'


Op 18 september heeft in Oer-Erkenschwick (DE) de 'Jubiläums- & Clubsiegeraustellung 2011 des DMC' plaats. Deutscher MopsClub bestond 30 jaar en dat werd uiteraard gevierd. Charles Bridge Farm Iluna behaalde de CAC/VDH CAC en werd ook BOB en behaalde daarmee de titel van 'Clubsieger 2011' en 'Jubiläumssieger'. De foto's van het feest en de show vind je <hier>.


3 Juli 2011 - Echt (NL)

Iluna becomes 'International Champion'!

3 Juli 2011: Stichting Limburgia Hondenshow organiseert haar 2-jaarlijkse 'outdoor' Internationale Kampioenschaptentoonstelling. Charles Bridge Farm Iluna behaalt de CAC, CACIB en wordt bovendien ook BOB (Beste van het ras). Hiermede is ze nu definitief Internationaal Kampioen en ze is nog maar 2 jaar en 4 maanden oud. Op bovenstaande foto zie je haar samen met de keurmeester Mr. Bas Bosch en Mevr. Davenschot met Seloy-Fischerman's Pride (Beste Reu).



25 June 2011 - Olpe (D)

25 June 2011: The'1. Deutscher Pekingesen Club von 1987 e. V' organises their yearly 'Rassehunde - Gemeinschafts - Ausstellung' in Olpe-Altenkleusheim (Germany). Charles Bridge Farm Iluna wins first the CAC, after that she becomes BOB (Beste of breed) and on top of that, she becomes BIS (Best-in-Show) (16 breeds).


27 March 2011 - Olpe (D)

27 March 2011: The 'Gemeinschafts-Spezial-Zuchtschau' in Olpe-Altenkleusheim (D) is our first show this year. Because of the pregnancy of Anais we did not participates shows for about 3 months.  But Charles Bridge Farm Iluna still knows the game, she received the CAC and became also BOS, BOB and 2nd BIS. 


12 December 2010 - Commedia Clubmatch 2010 (NL)

12 December 2010: The Clubmatch of Commedia (the Dutch Pug Dog Club) takes place in Kerkwijk (NL). Almost 70 pugs were registered for this show. We participated for the first time and we did that with Charles Bridge Farm Iluna who was registered in the intermediate class together with 10 other bitches!!!!. We were very pleased when the judge, Mr. Baars (NL), selected Iluna as the number 1 of such a big group!


30 October 2010 - 21ste Lovaniumtrofee - Leuven (B)

Anais becomes 'International Champion'!

30 October 2010: The 21ste 'Lovaniumtrofee', the International Dog Show of Leuven (B), takes place. Anais receives the CAC/CACIB title and becomes also BOB. Charles Bridge Farm Iluna receives the ResCAC/ResCACIB title.

Anais is now 'International Champion'


 24 October 2010 - Utrecht (NL) 

24 October 2010: The International Dog Show "De Utrecht" takes place in Utrecht (NL). Charles Bridge Farm Iluna receives the CAC / CACIB title.


15 & 16 October 2010

Bundessieger Ausstellung (15/10) & Nationale Ausstellung (16/10)

The Bundessieger- & Nationale Ausstellung 2010 of Dortmund (D) took place in the weekend from 15 to 17 October 2010. More than 8300 dogs from 245 different breeds were registered. For the Pug dogs, the 'Bundessieger Ausstellung' took place on Friday 15 October and the 'Nationale Ausstellung' on Saturday 16 October. Charles Bridge Farm Iluna receives the CAC / VDHCAC title on both shows.  Anais was already German Champion and therefore did only participate in Bundessieger Ausstellung. She received the ResCAC / ResVDHCAC title.


12 September 2010 - Etzbach (D)

12 September 2010: The yearly 'Rassehunde Gemeinschafts-Ausstellung' from Etzbach/Sieg takes place : Charles Bridge Farm Iluna receives the CAC/VDHCAC title and became also BOB (picture below). Then we had to wait for hours to compete with all the other BOB dogs in the final round for the title of BIS (Best In Show). But our patience got rewarded. Iluna became for the first time BIS - Best In Show titel (picture above).


22 August 2010 - Mechelen (B)

22 August 2010: The 30e Sint Romboutscup' takes place in Mechelen (B). Charles Bridge Farm Iluna obtains the CAC/CACIB and her 5th BOB titel in just 6 months time!

31 July 2010 - Borgloon (B)

31 juli 2010: The yearly club happening of the 'Haspengouwse Kynologen Vereniging' takes place in Borgloon (B). This is our club where our dogs get their weekly show training. Charles Bridge Farm Iluna becomes 4th Best In Show.


4 July 2010 - Genk (B)

4 July 2010: The '30st Grote Prijs van Limburg' takes place in Genk (B). Charles Bridge Farm Iluna, just 16 months old, obtains her 4th BOB titel (and obviously also the CAC/CACIB)! On the picture above you can also see Mr. Ferdi Dickmann (El Jalisco's) with El Jalisco's Ludovico who received the CAC/CACIB title with the male Pugs.


27 Juni 2010 - Olpe (D)

27 june 2010: The 'Rassehunde - Gemeinschafts - Austellung takes place in Olpe (D). Charles Bridge Farm Iluna wins the YouthCAC and is hereby now also German Youth Champion.


13 June 2010 - Lommel (B)

 13 June 2010: The 33st 'Internationale Hondenshow der Zuiderkempen' takes place in Lommel (B). Charles Bridge Farm Iluna becomes Best Bitch (CAC).


23 May 2010 - Saarbrucken (D)

23 May 2010: The 25th International Dog Show takes place in Saarbrucken (D). Charles Bridge Farm Iluna (picture above) receives the CAC/VDHCAC, CACIB and the SaarlandSieger 2010 and becomes also BOB (best of breed). Anais (picture below) receives the CAC/VDHCAC and is thereby now German Champion VDH!

2 May 2010 - Antwerp (B) - BRABO 2010

2 May 2010: The 44th International Dog Show (BRABO 2010) takes place in Antwerp. Charles Bridge Farm Iluna (picture above) becomes Best Youth (Brabo Junior) and BOB (best of breed). Anais (picture below) becomes the CAC/CACIB (BRABO Winner) and is thereby now also Belgian Champion!

25 April 2010 - BPDC Clubmatch (B)

25 April 2010: The Belgian Pug Dog Club organises its yearly Clubmatch. Charles Bridge Farm Iluna obtains wins her clas (8 dogs) and becomes the Best Youth Bitch.  

28 March 2010 - Leverkusen (D)

28 March 2010: The 'Gemeinschafts-Spezial-Zuchtschau' from the 'Deutscher Mopsclub' takes place in Leverkusen (D): Iluna wins the Youth CAC and Anais wins the ResCAC / ResVDHCAC in the open class.

27 March 2010 - Schwerte (D)

27 March 2010: The 'Terrier-Spezialausstellung' takes place in Schwerte (D). Anais wins the CAC/VDHCAC in the open class.


14 February 2010 - 12e Ambiorixtrofee - Genk (B)

14 February 2010: Charles Bridge Farm Iluna becomes  Best Youth Bitch (title: Ambiorix Youth Winner).


30 January 2010 - Festival der Rassehunde - Castrop Rauxel (D)

30 January 2010: Charles Bridge Farm Iluna wins the YouthCAC and wins also the BOB title. Anais becomes the ResCAC.

10 January 2010 - 37e 'Schaal der Kempen' - Hoogstraten (B)

10 January 2010: The 37e 'Schaal der Kempen' takes place in Hoogstraten (B). Charles Bridge Farm Iluna becomes Best Youth and 2de Best of Breed


14 November 2009 - 46e Eurodogshow - Kortrijk (B)

 14 November 2009: The 46e Eurodogshow takes place in Kortrijk (B). Marla became 1st (1U) in the Champions Class while Anais became 1st (1U) in the Open Class. Anais also obtained the title of Best Bitch (CAC/CACIB).

24 October 2009 - 20e Lovaniumtrofee - Leuven (B)

24 October 2009: Double victory for Francine on the 20e Lovaniumtrofee in Leuven (B): Marla obtained the CAC/CACIB title and Anais the resCAC/resCACIB.  With this Marla is now final Belgian Champion and this just a week after she became final German VDH Champion.

16 - 18 October 2009 - Bundessieger & Nationale Ausstellung Dortmund (D)

The weekend from 16 to 18 October 2009 was the weekend of the yearly 'Bundessieger- & Nationale Ausstelling' in Dortmund (D). More than 9000 dogs (241 different breeds) from 30 different countries were participating. The Bundessieger Ausstellung for the Pugs took place on Friday 16 October while the 'Nationale Ausstellung' for the Pugs took place on 17 October.

17 October 2009: Nationale Ausstellung: Iluna became Best Puppy! Marla became first (1Ex) in the Champions Class! She got the CAC/ VDH CAC title and that means that sje is now also German VDH Champion. She was already German Club Champion. Anais was 2nd (2Ex) in the Open Class and obtained the ResCAC/ ResVDH CAC title.

16 October 2009: Bundessieger Ausstellung: Iluna became Best Puppy! Anais became 3rd (3Ex) in the Open Class. Marla, eager to participate, was not registered and therefore had to stay along the side lines.

4 October 2009 - Charleroi (B)

4 October 2009: The yearly 'Exposition Canine Internationale' takes place in Charleroi. Marla confirms her title of last year by winning again the CAC/CACIB title.

27 September - Leverkusen (D) - Clubsiegerschau 2009 Deutscher Mopsclub DMC

27 September 2009: The 'Deutscher Mopsclub - DMC' (German Pug Dog Club) orgainises their yearly 'Clubsiegerschau' (Club match) in Leverkusen (D). Anais receives the CAC/VDH CAC title in the Open Class and Marla receives the CAC/VDH CAC in the Champions Class. Marla also became 'Beste Hündin aus deutscher Zucht'. On the picture above, you see here together with the breeder, Mr. Ferdi Dickmann (D), and the judge, Mrs. Hassi Assenmacher (D).

20 September 2009 - Dülmen (D)

20 September 2009: Gemeinschafts- Rassehunde Ausstelling in Dülmen-Merfeld (D).  Normally this show takes place in Recklinghausen (D), but this year it was organised in Dülmen (D). Anais participated in the open class and Charles Bridge Farm Iluna in the puppy class. Iluna became Best Puppy and Anais received the CAC/VDH CAC title.

30 August 2009 - Etzbach (D)

For the dog show in Etzbach (D) that took place on 30 August 2009, we participated with Iluna, Anais and Marla. Marla obtained the CAC. Iluna became Best (Pug) Puppy but later on also became Beste Puppy in Show. Anais obtained the CAC but became later on also BOB and even 3rd best in Show.  This was the 3rd time in a row that Anais became BOB and this in 3 different countries (NL, B en D).


23 August 2009 - 29e Sint RomboutsCup - Mechelen (B)

23 August 2009: The '29e Sint Romboutscup' takes place in Mechelen (B). This was Marla's first show after her litter earlier this year. She received a 4Ex.

Anais participated in the Intermediate Class. She was first (1 Ex) and later on also obtained the  CAC/CACIB and BOB title.  


5 July 2009 - 'Limburgia' Dogshow - Echt (NL)

5 juli 2009: The yearly 'Limburgia Dog Show' of Echt (NL) takes place in open air.  It was very hot that day so we had to be really careful with the dogs. Anais obtained the CAC/CACIB (best bitch) title and became in addition also BOB (best of breed). The picture above is taken when entering the ring of honour.

26 June 2009 - Charles Bridge Farm Iluna at the Côte d'Azur (Cannes) (FR)

Like Iluna's mother (Marla) 2 years earlier (see further down), end of June 2009, Iluna traveled with us to the Côte d'Azur. Whe normally stay in Antibes, but we always make a trip to the famous city of Cannes. On the picture above, you can see that Iluna is posing on the red carpet in front of the world-famous Palais des Festivals . It is exactly on this spot that the yearly filmfestival of Cannes is taking place.

A little bit further, in front of the famous Carlton hotel in Cannes along the 'Boulevard de la Croisette': a small show training is given right next to our dream car. Iluna came with us home, unfortunately, I had to leave the Porsche 911 (model 997) behind! :-(


 3 May 2009 -  Europasieger-Ausstellung 2009 - Dortmund (D)

Sunday 3 May 2009. The yearly 'Europasieger-Ausstellung' takes place in Dortmund. With 240 different breeds and more than 5500 dogs out of 28 countries, this show belongs to the biggest on the European continent. 53 pugs had subscribed for participating the CACIB show on Sunday. Anais became 1st her class and as such got the VDH CAC. Later on she became 2nd best Bitch of the breed (ResCACIB).


26 April 2009 - 11th Ambiorix Trofee - Genk (B)

Sunday 26 April 2009: The 11th 'Ambiorix Trofee' takes place in Genk (B). Anais obtaines the titles of CAC & BOB (Best of Breed) and becomes the Ambiorix Winner!


5 April 2009 -  43rd International Dog Show BRABO (Antwerp)

Sunday April 5th 2009:  The 43rd International Dog Show BRABO takes place in Antwerp. Anais receives the ResCAC/ResCACIB.

22 February 2009 - 36th 'Schaal der Kempen' - Hoogstraten (B)

Sunday 22 February 2009, the 36ste 'Schaal der Kempen' takes place in Hoogstraten (B). Charles Bridge Farm Heros becomes Best Puppy. Congretulations to Els, the owner of Heros!!

<picture will follow>


25 January  2009 - 36th International Dog show Moeskroen (B)

Sunday 25 January 2009. The 36th International Dogshow of Moeskroen (B) takes place. Charles Bridge Farm Gregory becomes Best Youth. Congretulations to Diane en Raoul, the owners of Gregory.


13 December 2008 - Specialzuchtschau für Kleinhunde - Langerwehe (D)

7 December 2008 - Internationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung - Kassel (D)

6 December 2008 - Nationale Rassehunde-Ausstellung - Kassel (D)

23 November 2008 - Zuchtschau Olpe-Altenkleusheim (DE)

It is Sunday morning, November 23 2008, and our alarm clock is buzzing us out of our bed at 4h30 AM! In Olpe (D), the yearly 'Zuchtschau' takes place. And our efforts were rewarded. Marla got the CAC/ VDH CAC title and in addition became BOB. Anais got the title of JeugdCAC and became alse Best Youth. 

15 November 2008 - 45th Eurodogshow - Kortrijk (B)

15 November 2008: The 45th Eurodogshow takes place and according to the organisers, this is world's most internationale show with 4000 dogs out of 20 different countries and 63 judges out of 17 different countries. Marla became best bitch (CAC/CACIB) and as such received the Eurocup 2008. Anais became Best Youth Bitch and received the Deb's Cup 2008! 


19 October 2008 -  Bundessieger-Zuchtschau der Rassehunde 2008 - Dortmund (D)

 17 -19 October 2008: The yearly 'VDH Bundessieger-Zuchtschau of Dortmund' takes place. This is one of the biggest shows in Germany. Just like last week, Anais became best Youth (Youth CAC) and with that she obtained the title of 'Bundesjugendsieger 2008' which also means she is now qualified for participating the Crufts in the UK. Marla became 2nd (Res CAC) in the Intermediate Class (2U).


11 October 2008 -  45e International Dog Show of Charleroi

Saturday 11 October 2008: Marla becomes the CAC/CACIB title on the 45e International Dog Show of Charleroi. See also below for the result of Anais.

Saturday 11 October 2008: Just after Marla obtained the CAC/CACIB title on the 45e International Dog Show of Charleroi, Anais became Best Youth. With that she could now compete together with Marla and others for the title of BOB. Our day could not end better than with Anais now also obtaining the title of BOB!  


6 September 2008 -  '77th International Dog Show Luxembourg'

Saturday, 6 September 2008: El Jalisco's Ludovico becomes BOB (Best of Breed) on the 77e International Dog Show of Luxembourg. El Jalisco's Ludovico is the father of Charles Bridge Farm Heros, Giovanni and Gregory. The owner and breeder of Ludovico is Mr. Ferdi Dickmann (El Jalisco's).


6 September 2008 -  '77th International Dog Show Luxembourg'

Saturday 6 September 2008 - Marla becomes the CAC titel (Intermediate Class) on the '77th International Dog Show of Luxembourg'.  Anais becomes second in the Youth Class.


10 August 2008 - Rassehunde - Gemeinschafts - Zuchtschau Etzbach/Sieg (DE)

Sunday 10 August 2008. Anais and Marla get excellent results on the dog show in Etzbach / Sieg (DE). Anais becomes Youth CAC (1 Ex) while Marla becomes a 1 Ex in the Intermediate Class and becomes 2nd best bitch (pug) of the show (Res CAC / VDH-CAC).


3 Mai 2008 - Anais becomes Best (Pug) Puppy on the VDH-Europasiegerzuchtschau in Dortmund (DE)

Saturday 3 May 2008, the VDH-Europasiegerzuchtschau takes place in Dortmund (DE). 66 pugs were registered. Anais becomes best pug puppy!


26 April 2008 - Anais becomes 'Ambiorix Puppy Winner' and 3rd best puppy on the show in Genk (BE)

Saturday 26 April 2008. The 10th edition of the 'Ambiorix Trofee' takes place in Genk (BE). Marla becomes the best Youth (pug) (Ambiorix Youth Winner) and Anais becomes the best (pug) Puppy (Ambiorix Puppy Winner).  Anais even becomes 3rd best puppy in show in the Ring of Honor. 


30 March 2008 - Marla becomes Luxembourg Youth Champion!

Sunday 30 March 2008: Marla becomes Luxembourg Youth Champion on the 76th International Dog Show of Luxembourg.


24 March 2008 - Fun in the snow at Charles Bridge Farm

Easter eggs in the snow!  I believe Santa Clause need to have a chat with Easter bunny to learn how to arrange for a white Christmas.  See group pictures in the section 'pictures' for more photograps of our pugs in the snow.


25 December 2007 - Meeting with 'Ma Hoo' in Chiang Mai (North Thailand)

During our holidays in Thailand (end of 2007), on Christmas day, we meet Ma Hoo. We were not expecting to see a Pug dog during our holidays in Thailand, but there he was at just 50 m from our hotel in Chiang Mai. The owner of Ma Hoo, a beautiful male Pug dog of 6 years, is Mrs. Piyada Yanpreechawong (here together on the picture with Ma Hoo). If you ever visit Chiang Mai, bring Ma Hoo a visit at 126 Chang Klan Road, Chang Klan Muang, Chiang Mai (Thailand) and let us know how he is doing.


25 November 2007 - 'Anais von der Erftquelle' arrives at the Charles Bridge Farm!

On Sunday November 25 (2007), Anais arrives! Anais von der Erftquelle is the beautiful daughter of El Jalisco's Jolanda and Snugglepug Tears To Cheers At Blazolynns. She was breeded by Manuela & Herman Josef Gerhards (von der Erftquelle). Together with Marla, Anais is one of the trouble makers (in a good sense) at the Charles Bridge Farm. 


13 May 2007 -  Clubmatch of the Belgian Pug Dog Club

On May 13th 2007, the Belgian Pug Dog Club organized their annual Clubmatch. In total 67 pug dogs were subscribed out of which 13 in the baby class. These pugs are between 3 and 6 months old, so needless to say that it is extremely difficult to keep the attention of these playful four-footed animals. However, on the picture above you can see that Marla did succeed in this rather successful.  She surprised everyone, including the judge, with her superb performance. So we believe that her title of 'Best Baby' was well deserved.

On the show report the judge described Marla as a 'Natural Show Girl'.


26 - 29 April 2007 - Marla at the Côte d'Azur (Antibes - Cannes - Nice)

On April 23, I had to travel to the South of France for my job. On Thursday afternoon, Francine and Marla were flying in to Nice to join me for a weekend at the Côte d'Azur! We stayed in a dog-friendly hotel at the beach in Antibes. From there we made excursions to e.g. Cannes and Nice.

On this picture, you can see Francine and Marla in front of the famous Carlton hotel in Cannes. During the yearly international film festival, many famous (and less famous) movie stars stay in this hotel.

For more news from Marla's trip to the Côte d'Azur, see 'Pictures'.

4 April 2007 - Charles Bridge - Prague




Early April I had to travel to Prague. On Thursday afternoon I had some free time so I could visit the old town again as well as Charles Bridge (Karlov Most).

This bridge has a special meaning for us, hence also why we named our kennel (Charles Bridge Farm) to this bridge. Read 'The Prague Story' for all the details and to find out that it all started on Charles Bridge.


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